Meet Our Staff

All of our staff firmly believe that the key to successful education is positive relationships.

Our staff create a very welcoming and happy environment for you and your child. Please always feel free to come and ask us if you are unsure or worried about something, or indeed, if you have something to celebrate with us!

Principal – Mrs Hunter

Year 1/2 – Mrs Hunter & Mrs Winter
Year 2/3 – Miss Wilson (Maternity cover)
Year 4 – Miss Robinson & Mrs Arnold
Year 5 – Mrs Greenald
Year 6 – Miss Uprichard

Year 7 – Mrs Beatty

Classroom Assistants
Year 1/2 – Mrs McCullough

Year 1/2 – Mrs Creighton (SEN)

Year 1/2 – Mr Currie (SEN)
Year 2/3 – Miss Quinn

Year 4 – Mrs Little (SEN)

Supervisory Assistants
Mrs Little
Miss Quinn

Mrs Watson

Mrs Burrows

Building Supervisor
Mr Carson